So, I'm a lefty. That is why I've decided to build my own guitar because I can't find anything I like in a lefty model, and I enjoy the challenge of building something myself. I understand pickups and electrical wiring, thats no problem, I get how the neck works. I'm still a bit confused on the different types of bridges. I've look through the FAQ's and can't find anything showing the different types of bridges and all the pieces needed like the springs and all that fun stuff. If anyone has any pics or links, please feel to let me know.

I'm thinking of something like an explorer body or maybe even a V style, or something I can use with a bolt-on neck which seems the simpliest way for a first build. I want to design the body, buy the neck, add the parts, paint, enjoy new guitar. So what would be my choices with something like that. I'm so confused at all the terms. lol.

I'm still a ways off this build, but I always like to plan months and months. Thanks.
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well, for bridges, there's a number of things to consider: trem or non-trem?

Establish this first, then we'll continue (I'm in class, otherwise I'd write up an explanation)

Hmmm, good questions. One of the questions I've been pondering. I only play for fun and will never be in a band or anything, so its not like I'm going to be covering a certain band and need a trem bar, its purely preference for me. Guess My biggest problem is I've played restrung right-handed guitars my whole life and never really used a trem bar because they always hung on the wrong side of the guitar for me and get in the way of that pesky thing called strumming, so I've certainly gotten by without one for years. lol. I enjoy all kinds of music and just like to play a little of this, little of that. Be fun to have one maybe, but more trouble and cost. lol. I don't know. Gonna have to think about that one a bit more.