just wondering if anyone knew some relatively easy bass solos cuz all the ones i've tried are too hard for me right now and i can't even improve anything good lol. so what can you guys suggest?
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When backstage and talkin to the ladies i always go with the ¨Mines is bigger than theirs¨ argument as me bro holds hes guitar and i take out my bass... It works wonders @,@

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Squire Affinity P-Bass
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I shall look through my library and get back to you
EDIT: of the few hundred songs i have the only "bass solos" that are not overly hard are...
invincible - muse
Asche zu asche - rammstein
sahara - nightwish (pretty sure you need a 26 fret bass, at least you do in the tab i found)
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I assume by easy bass solos you want something to impress your mates?

Check out the solo for 'Those damn blue collar tweekers' By Primus. It's fairly easy and sounds good. Although you will need to be able to fingerpick fairly fast.
one of the first bass solos i learnt, so its quite easy, is the intro to calm like a bomb by rage against the machine.

or you could try orion by metallica which is still quite easy but its a little more advanced.
or the n.i.b intro (bassicly) by black sabbath
Try the bridge to "Otherside" by the chili peppers. Overall, it's a pretty easy song; Flea gets funky in the bridge though, it was the first bass solo I learned. Have fun!