Em... I'm about to start a refurb job on a guitar which will be for me (I've done a few for other people). It's a really old guitar with no pickgaurd and a really interesting pickgaurd shape. So I need a pickgaurd blank, but I want one I really like. There are two which I really like but they're both 45 quid. Which is obviously ridiculous. Does anyone know where I can get these for cheaper or of anywhere where I can get similarly cool ones at a less ridiculous price? The links are;




Would really appreciate some help. Thanks a lot, Lewis.
Is pickgaurd material just 3-ply acrylic then? Because if it is, then presumably there would be an art shop out there which sold the right kind of material?
Or would it be possible to make a pickgaurd from anyother material, then i could glue material to cover it? Could you make a pickgaurd from thin wood for example?