Is not the name of my band.

It's actually:

...And The Magical 8-Ball Band

Odd yes?

We play Rock, which is just a general overview of our range. Some could be classed as punk rock, alternate, viking (Yes, I know), and maybe even heavy(?). All our music has been properly produced so hopefully no ear aches for you if you decide to listen. We've played various gigs, including an annual slot at the Dorset Music Festival (Add-on to the Steam Fest) and various appearances at the BIC (Bournemouth Internation Centre). We've had a bit of airplay on XFM, Forest FM, Hope FM, Eskemo Radio etc.


Or search for us on Facebook.


Thanks loads if you even read this!
Aria Pro II SB-900 (wa)
100W Stinger Bass Amp
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Aria Pro II SB-900 (wa)
100W Stinger Bass Amp