hi , i sort of need some help , i thinking of auditioning for the institute of contemporary music ( which is in london ) or more commonly known as the guitar institute , anyway , i asked , if i could send in a video assessment instead of going there , just for an assessment which is not possible for me ( since im from malaysia ) . Anyway , one of the things the audition requires is for me to play one piece of my choice , but i really have no idea what to play , so far the only thing i can think of is eugenes trick bag by vai , i really have no idea what to play , so i thought i'd ask all of you guys on ug for suggestions , im looking for something that would really impress the people that watches my audition , but im very undecided on what to play .. so if you guys could give me some suggestions i would be really great full .. thanks alot ..

p.s - i hope i posted this in the right forum ..lol ..


Play Dammit by blink-182, they'll get a kick out of it.
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Oh hey I go there.

Just play what you like and you can play well. Make sure it's not repetetive though.
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Play 'Classico' by tenaciuos D. Mix of classic numbers on acoustic guitar :P awesome number

Play something like 'Für Elise'. That kinda stuff
Learn to play Mulche's Odyssey by Umphrey's Mcgee

they will be impressed.

OR Wine Soup by Umphrey's Mcgee, that is if you can sweep.
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Lots of chugging powerchords and sloppy sweep picking. You know how awesome that is.

Or play some stuff by Atheist, Death or Coroner, shall blow some minds.
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thanks for all the replies ..

Oh hey I go there. Just play what you like and you can play well. Make sure it's not repetetive though.

oh cool , you go there .. is it a good school ? is it hard to get in ? .. thanks

something virtuosic is a good shout, but make it something listenable and not just wankery, just dont play eruption.

haha .. lol .. don worry about that i definitely lol wont be playing eruption .. lol ..

one more question ( to everyone on ug ) .. lol ..
icmp ( guitar institute ) or the musicians institute in hollywood which is a better school ? .. i have done my research and sort of like them both equally .. having a hard time choosing which one to apply to .. any other recommendations ( other good contemporary music schools ) are welcome as well ..

thanks alot .. to everyone who replied ..