There's this 1989 dean jammer that i am interested in buying from someone i know, i have tried it out and the only problem i have with it is the incredibly low output pickups. Rather then spending 200-300$ on high end pickups, I thought of the do it yourself pickups that i have seen on the stewart mac website.

I am curious if anyone knows about where the quality of these pickups lie, and how their sound is geared (i.e. heavy bass or like a dimebucker or whatever).

also when I thought of these, I remembered how one of my friends mentioned along time ago that he tried making a pickup with neodymium poles, but I dont really remember how well it worked. If anyone has tried this or has a good idea of how well (or poorly) it would work, is it worth trying? I am interested in high output pickups, and I thought maybe the more powerful the magnet, the higher the output. (I dont know if thats the way it actually works, im just making a guess).