Nice man, loved your Bob Marley cover from way back when!
Wishin' I had this raw talent! BTW Your music room is seeexy! Your a one man band!
Really like the guitar that comes in just before 3 minutes. Not a big fan of the like flanger(dunno wtf its called at around 4 30ish) The break down was great. Loved the explosion back into the jam

Overall, impressive jam - very entertaining to watch.

Here is my latest, but its more lyrical as opposed to being technical.
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That was pretty sweet, definitly had some pros and cons.

I think its pretty impressive that you were capable of really performing like a full band just by yourself. Honestly, thats pretty sick. The very fact that you bother to lug all of that crap to a show is pretty impressive. Musically, the instruments alone are not that great; but the fact that you were able to play each of them and put them on a loop one over the other, then solo over it was great. The soloing itself was pretty good. Nothing extraordinary, though. You have great tonality, but I felt like you were being a little to repetative for my own tastes. I am not much of a rock n roll/classic rock type of person, so it was hard to grasp. Your soloing was basically comprised of a lot of good riffs that did not work together very well for me. They flowed, yes; but they just didn't have that "feeling" (if you get me). Sorry if some of that didn't make sense, haha.

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Dox: Thanks! I don't see a link to your tune? If you put a link on I'd love to check out your stuff!

Ulalume: Great crit. Thanks. Totally understand your points however I don't think musical ability can fully be judged inside of a 10 second loop. I'll never be the greatest drummer or bassist but even if I was it would be hard to show in such a small repetitive time frame. This song is 100% improv'd live. As far as the solo, it's really just me improv grooving over the groove and isn't meant to come across as an in your face composed guitar solo. But seriously, thanks for your crit, it's stuff like this that helps me analyze my playing in a different perspective and improve. Cheers!

JonDLeary: Thanks!

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Nice man, that sounds like a great tune. Catchy lyrics and chords. I could totally hear that with a full band. nice job!

Also, no I don't Ski or Board but I do love the Mountain.

I really enjoyed that. I think you bring new meaning to the term one-man band. Very well done, I didn't like the rhythm guitar riff as much, but I loved the bass and the percussion a lot. The lead guitar solo was great imo, but the breakdown where you dropped the loop and came in with a bass solo was the best part of the entire thing. It was a great hook and really elevated the entire song. Keep it up man!

c4c? a spastic acoustic rhythm solo thing lol
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Aww dude, that was pretty rad. I might have to check out some loop pedals.

I recommend the Digitech JamMan.
I like this man!! Really funky and catchy. Your solo went pretty well with the song. Im def gonna get me a loop pedal that was some really cold layering. One thing I would've like to see is that you put in chorus or verse or something to give it a little bit of structure. Cool tune.
Thanks. I'm looking to get a second loop pedal to help with creating changes etc.