Hi bass players. I'm a guitarist and have been for close to 10 years now. I have tons of gear but no basses. Now I'm beginning to record my album and don't have a bass to play of my own. Recording, I have a 68 fender p-bass, some fender jazz basses and a traben 5 string. I'm planning on buy an OLP 4 string(music man knock off) for 125 and that comes with an extra pack of ernie ball strings and a gig bag. is that a good bass/price?
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For that price, sure, there's not too many basses that aren't worth that much. Keep in mind, though, you'll barely get the slightest hint of that Stingray tone. I owned one, and it didn't have much deep bottom.

Mine was also a dud, too. The neck was very fragile, and you could really bend the neck badly without much force when pushing on the headstock. It's the floppiest neck I've ever owned. Try it out before you buy it.
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I used to have a 5 string version, that had a similar problem, also out of the box the neck was horribly bowed, the pickup hadn't been screwed down and there was a lot of fret buzz due to uneven frets. After a bit of work it was ok, although the sound definately lacked... uum, balls is the best description I can give.

I suppose if you're recording through plugins instead of an actual amp it won't be too bad as you can use effects to compensate.
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I have owned one. Its a nice bass, tbh, I didn't really have an issue with it.......(Apart from the 'all black' hardware). The neck, like said above is very 'unstable' but with a decent set-up of the truss rod it should be fine.

For that price you can't grumble. But i'd do a few things just too make it that little bit better:

1) http://www.graphtech.com/products.html?ProductID=279&CurrencyID=2

2) http://www.wdmusic.com/musicman_bass_pickup.html

That KA pickup is the best pickup for the money. EMG's and SD's cost easily twice as much. And that nut, even though it only costs a little will have a big impact on a bass like that. Graphtech also do saddles which ofcourse would help with sustain.

I played an OLP in my local music shop the other day, it was fitted with 2 Kent Armstrong humbuckers. It sounded pretty good for a cheap bass.
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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mine was kick @$$ i liked it, but just like a druggie, i sold it for moneys. i loved that bass, oh Adrian-Drakko how i miss you so....its a great abss and thats a great price for it
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I bought an olp on ebay for $192 :/

Should be here on friday I am pretty excited

Sorry to hijack this thread, but how do you replace the nut?
Not sure about america but due to the AUD - USD conversion rate, you could get a squier or a SX down here. IMHO they're awesome instruments for their prices, although some might disagree with SX's.
If I could find one I would have grabbed an sx stingray, but I found nothing and the olp seemed like a good deal :/
does anyone know the size of the tuning machines (well the hole size) and what type they are?
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@pandathe3: Are you sure the kent armstrong will fit the olp rather than the actual stingray?

Yes, it'll fit. The OLP is built too muscman specs, so the bass measurmaents are the same. The pick-up can also be used in either an Active OR Passive bass, perfect as a Stingray re-placement or OLP re-placement.

Replacing the nut is quite an easy process, i would explain, but follow this guide: http://www.graphtech.com/fckeditor/userfiles/File/nut_install_inst.pdf

Follow this at your own pace and you'll do fine.

Graphtech also do saddle re-placements which may be something too think about.

I'm also considering getting an OLP but i'm struggling too find one. Its either a 'Shine' bass (CRAP!) or 'Westfield' stingray copy. The Westfield i can get for £100 and it has a 3 band EQ bit floppy but i can replace it.
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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My bass teacher used an OLP 5 for ages and the only problem it had was that one of the tuner heads fell off, which made the tuning more stable, but you needed pliers to change it... I would advise changing the pickup if you want more Stingray tone, Nordstrand have a good rep from what Ive heard, but there are plenty others...
The Tony Levin is a good investment over the OLP standard, designed as a solid working bass. Although the man himself plays a 20th Anniversary Stingray 5, so it cant be that good...

Why can't you use the basses you record with?
BEWARE OF THE 5 STRING MODEL!! i owned the OLP 5 and loved it for a few months until the neck bowed like a mother and my truss rod went to ****. tried to have it fixed by a luthier, but he told me the truss rod had snapped in the neck, and i had a lemon on my hands.
Is this to play on the recordings, cause im not sure why youd bother if you have the bass's available that you mentioned.
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