Quick question here.

My guitar is in standard tuning, or at least I think it is. The thing is, I was watching this video lesson, and say the guy is playing the note that's on the 10th fret, high e string, that will sound like my 9th fret on the high e string. According to my electric tuner every string should be tuned just about right, in the standard tuning (eadgbe).

What's wrong here?
i guess the guy in the lesson vid had another tuning or was out of tune,
did you check if he said anything about his tuning?
he was probably half step down
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he prolly tuned down 1/2 step. it's a common thing to do.
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if its exactly a fret lower then what hes playing to you? cause then ya he's tuned down a half step, its a common alternative tuning.
Maybe its more to do with the other guys guitar, tuned down a halfstep.

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Yeah, I suppose. Thanks.

Didn't say anything about the tuning, so I assumed it was standard.