does anyone remember this thread?

for my Resistant materials project I set out to make a guitar stand that could store various guitar extras of mine as well as hold my guitar, and after many many hours I finally finished it. Since I posted my questionnaire on here I thought it would be good for my evaluation if I were to post the finished product (sort of full circle)

I don't suppose the people of the Pit could tell me what they think? (don't be too harsh, it's only GCSE work )

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How much for it?

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that is by far the most badass guitar stand. ever.
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epic remote holder, all in all, that ****s awesome

EDIT: what prevents it from tumbling forward (the guitar)

neoprene foam ( a mouse mat) on the base

EDIT: oh you mean on the support arms, well nothing, buts its place is behind a door in the corner so no worries of that
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Better than what my work (also a stand) is coming out as at the moment
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neoprene foam ( a mouse mat) on the base

What about earthqua- [location: Durham, UK]. Oh nvm, you've covered all the bases
Looks pretty nice actually, the only thing I would do is add some sort of safeguard that would catch the guitar if it began to fall down.
thats really good man, i made a guitar case and it sucked hardcore, still managed to blag an A grade though. Grippy foam was a good idea too.
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That's a very nice stand.
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I'm doing this GCSE at the moment, but i did the hardcore option.

I'm actually building a guitar
love the pick holder - very innovative, how it doubles up as tuning pegs when picks are placed in them.

overall very impressive.
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oh yeah
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I'm doing this GCSE at the moment, but i did the hardcore option.

I'm actually building a guitar

my friend wanted to do that (build an ELECTRIC guitar) but he didn't know any of the work involved or even how one works (despite being the best shredder in the school for 2 years)
was funny listening to him

good luck with the guitar mate