there is a guy on ebay/vendio with the name "Toolsandtunes", he sells miniature fluted carbide router bit sets that are great, and you are going to spend about 11 dollars including shipping for :

included are 2 each 1/16" (.0625"); 2.05MM (.0807"); 3/32" (.0938"); 2.40MM (.0945") and 2.65MM" (.1043"), all have 1/8" shanks, and are 1.50" long.


theres a link to a completed auction, send him a message and he will send you a paypal invoice and hell ship you out a box of em.
I thought you had some horror story about Stew Mac's bits..

Great find though! Definitely gonna keep this in mind when I do inlay work on this old neck I got recently.
Any good source on inlay material?
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They work for me..
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