This is my bands first clean recording using the Fast Track Ultra. I put it in my profile. It's off the top of our heads and it's just bass and guitar. There's also a remix in there which is just me messing around. We're just looking for some feedback since we're debating whether to make this into a full fledged song or not.

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dude, i think you got the wrong link haha!
when i press it i come in my songs!!!
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I liked the Remix. Loved the reversed sounds and the way it built up towards the end.
I think if you added some extra stuff to the original version it could make a really good song and its deffinately worth spending some more tim on atleast. Think about adding some chords and things in there.
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Hmm, the recording was pretty decent quality wise. The original improv was cool, maybe a bit scattered sounding though it was improv lol The remixed improv was quite abstract sounding for good reason. Though if you are a band, try and get the drums and singing in there for the next recording. Oh and by the way your link doesn't work (at least it didn't for me) so I just clicked your name and it took me to you profile. Good luck and keep rocking.
Thanks AlterEdge. We're still working on improving the quality right now, I actually just figured out how to use it yesterday. We tried to get the drums in but we need drum mics so we'll probably record at my friends house who has a macbook and record with that since it has an inner mic. Thanks though! I'll try and put more of our songs up.
I would appreciate it if you could give my song a listen and tell me what you think: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1078036

Like I said before you should think about adding some chords to your song even if they are just strummed once each time you come back to the root notes or something. Are you planning on adding vocals if you choose to keep working on the song?
Life of Music was actually really good. The only thing is that it's a little repetitive. But then again, it's a jam and I know that I do the same thing in my jams. I really liked that background guitar too, it made it fun.
And yes, if we do happen to make this an official song there with be vocals, chords, drums and what have you.