Went to easily one of the best show i've ever gone to. soo much fun.

Times up(young perkasie band)

No Luck (they were pretty cool)

Rival Mob (Boston hardcore, they were awesome. singer was hillarious, definately a fan of this band now look em up)

Mother of Mercy (DOTO Hardcore, singer from Let Down, im yet to see a bad set from this band and they always get everyone pumped up and get things going)

Pulling Teeth (Bands never ceases to amaze. They played their 2 new songs and theyre so good.)

Ringworm (Heaviest metalist band out right now. Mosh was nothing short of insane they played for a bit longer then they probably should have but overall a good set)

Have Heart (Boston HC. Band is awesome, i think theyr even better live then they are in recordings. Iv never seen soo many stage dives at the moose before. theyre set was a little short because we got a big snow storm last night and they had to drive back to boston fron doto, pa that night. somehow i really doubt they made it home cuz it took me about 20 minutes to drive home from my buddys house which is only a mile away from mine, and there is about a foot of snow on the ground right now.

overrall this was a great show, and probably the best show at the moose lodge yet
lol. one foot of snow and the whole city slows down.
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

Leave it on the press, Depress Depress Taboot Taboot.
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lol. one foot of snow and the whole city slows down.

i live in pennsylvania, it only snows like 4-6 times a year here. but its weird like 15 years ago, we would get 6 inches of snow and they would send kids to school. now we get like 2 inches and everybody is in a panic and doesnt know how to drive. people are retarded. i hope rival mob and have heart made it back alright. cuz when i was driving home i literally could not see anything and couldnt go over 20 mph (on a road where the speed limit is 45) because the roads had not been plowed yet. we literaly got 5 inches in like less than an hour.

althoug after the show we got drunk and went into the hottub while this little blizzard was at its peak. that pretty much capped off an awesome night. never done a hottub in the snow before, am now a fan.