So I'm looking for some sites to download non-album music from bands of various genres. By that I mean b-sides, dvd audio rips, etc, etc. I know it's illegal, but I actually buy any and all of these tracks that I can find in stores, so my feeling is I'm not being a total douche by stealing this music.

I already know of B-Sides R Us, does anyone know of any others?

Sorry if this has been asked or isn't allowed.
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If you want punk b-sides, punknews.org had an awesome selection when I was looking for Alkaline Trio stuff ^.^

Alkaline Trio, punk, haha
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Hly shit, nvr herd of tht 1 dud! Ttly originl.

Seriously guys, don't post unless you're going to help. If it was not done 100's of times, yeah it'd be funny.

Do you plan acquiring this music legally? That might be a problem if so.
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Limewire, Morpheus, Bearshare.
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Do you plan acquiring this music legally? That might be a problem if so.

Not in the short term. Thanks for the ideas, pitmonkeys.
limewire, torrents

there are often torrents that include every single recording from a band you could imagine i found an aphex twin one that was over 3.5 gigs because it had so many demos and remixes if this is against the rules i'll delete it

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