The build im workin on right now has a pretty darn small body but its still full (fender) scale.

Just about everything on it is gonna be new except for the neck, its a used fender.

The sides are all flat so I'm going with a fender style (football shaped) jack mounted on the side.

For bridges, i want to avoid a trem and im kinda set on a black bridge, unless somehow you can find a red one.

My options (BRIDGES):
-Gibson Style
-TOM style
-Large Bushing TOM Style
-Badass Style
-Roller TOM
-LP Jr. Wraparound Style
-Wilkinson Wraparound
-Wilkinson Roller
-Fender Style

My Questions:
-Which one do you think is the best? or if you have a low cost alternative that you think is better.
-Will a tune-o-matic style bridge fit the string spacing and other specs of a fender neck?
-would it be easier to put a neck angle on it or just recess the tune-o-matic, and depending on which, how exactly would you do it?
-The guitar i play has an angled neck, so would it be easier playability wise to have the neck angled.
-Will all black hardware look good on a red guitar with white accents?
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