Hi guys,

So for my 18th birthday, mum said she would buy me a 12 string as well if i didnt have a party, so as a true guitarist, i said yeah, alright. So, keeping in mind that i am in australia, i would appreciate it if you could just reccommend me some good quality 12 strings, up about $700AUD. Ive had a look at brands like Cort, Washburn, Ibanez and Seagull and im not sure about the quality of some. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
I paid about $400 USD for a Fender once. It was okay. Nothing spectacular. Just...acceptable.
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I'm not really a big fan of Ovations...but I played an Ovation acoustic/electric 12 string at GC for no less than an hour straight. I just couldn't put that baby down.

There was one for $500USD and one for $750USD (more options). I don't know what that translates to un AUD.

Afterwards I played a $3000 USD Taylor 12 string and wasn't all that impressed.

So yeah I recommend you check out the Ovation 12 strings.