Eastwood Stormbird

just wondering, I really like the look of this guitar and it's pretty cheap, so I could afford it and it wouldn't really be any problem for my wallet.. People say it feels really good too, and I'm not concerned about the cheap sound it probably has since I can also change the pickups for real p-90s, so here is my question: knowing i already have good guitars (fender jaguar HH, ibanez RGT42FX and an old ibanez les paul), do you guys think I should just get this one, or it would be a waste of money ? I really want it to sound good in the end though, since I might spend a bit on pickups and probably new tuning pegs and such.
A link to the specifics for the guitar could be helpful, but you said you're gonna fix it up a little anyways, I say go for it. What's the exact price anyways?
My gear:

Memphis les paul (fixin it up as we speak!)
Schecter C1 plus
Ibanez RX 240 (been sold)
Peavey envoy 110 (Pretty dang good!)
Some washburn acoustic...
how much is the guitar?
have a look at some fender squier Jagmaster's
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the price is around 300$ canadian (well it was last time i checked it out at moog's store, maybe it increased a bit since then because of the sucky economy)

basically this would be a stage guitar, nothing more, nothing less
although if it sounds really good i could use it for a bit of studio

the available colors are black, red, gold, white and sunburst, and i'm really digging the gold one (it looks butterscotch on that pic but it really is a glittering gold)

Model Name: Stormbird
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Price :$399.00 US

The Eastwood Stormbird is a based on the 1960's non-reverse Firebird. Loaded with P-90 pickups, stop tail, tune-o-matic bridge and featuring a set maple neck design. The Stormbird is well balanced, solid instrument that delivers what you would expect from a guitar at three times the price.
Colours: Sunburst, Black, Cardinal Red, Gold, Left Hand Sunburst
Body: Solid Basswood
Neck: Maple, Set Neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 22 frets
Scale Length: 24 3/4"
Width at Nut: 1 5/8"
Pickups: Two Vintage EW P-90's
Switching: 3-Way
Controls: 2 Volume, 2 Tone
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic, Stop Tail
Hardware: Gotoh Nickel/Chrome
Strings: #9-#46
Case: extra
Unique Features: Bright, powerful P-90 pickups
Suggested Retail: $519.00 US
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