Now I know that an acoustic guitar can come in many different shapes and sizes and can contribute the to the sound it gives out. I'm into fingerstyle (picking) music now and was wondering, what type of body would be considered for that kind of music.

The Martin website gives me 20 different types of bodies for the acoustic which I may consider one of them in the future. My assumption is this, any acoustic guitar should fine for fingerstyle music.

In contrast, would this be correct, are smaller type bodies such as the 000-14 better for fingerstyle music as oppose to the regular shape of dreadnoughts? Or is it just a matter of personal preference in how comfortable it is to pick on a guitar?
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The Martin website...

You are looking in the right place! I love Martin.

Smaller guitars tend to be better work those who pick lightly. Dreadnoughts work fine for me, but i put a lot of force behind it. I didn't know any better when I learned, so now when I play smaller guitars they sound too weak and thin. Its easy for me to overpower the soundboard on the smaller guitars.

But yeah, its all opinion and a matter of preference.
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Most prefer the 000 body style for fingerstyle type playing, and Martin is definately the way to go