ok so i have a a samsung syncMaster T220 moniter and it has a dvi input. now the other day i happened to come across a hdmi-to-dvi cable, and the thought came to me. would i be able to plug my ps3 into the monitor and run my ps3 in hd? and if i could, what would be the max resolution i could run it in.. if anyone knows that would be really great
Max resolution will be 1920×1080 (ie 1080p, Full HD), although not all PS3 games actually run at that resolution.

Edit: Sorry, Max resolution is actually 1680 x 1050 - my bad!
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It depends on the max resolution of your monitor. The ps3 will go up to 1080p or I i believe. It is possible though, and looks good.

You might get better answers in the gaming thread.
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