Never heard of these guys til about two weeks ago. They have a small display at the Minneapolis airport; those two guitars inside were gorgeous. Anyone on here own one, or ever played one? How do they sound? Whatcha think about the "no touch" neck? Do you believe they are overpriced? The visual appeal was as good as anything Breedlove or Larrivee has out, but for over five grand I'd want Martin tone. Actually, me being me, over five hundred I want Martin, but that's a whole 'nother thread.

I'm just looking for thoughts from anyone who has experience with them.
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Admittedly, i have no clue. Never heard of them. But they sound more like they're custom guitars.
But yknow, wouldn't hurt to try one out and compare it, would it? After all, the best way to find out what something sounds like is to actually listen to it.

Ah, google says they're all custom made. Which makes sense.
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Hey funny my friend actually just bought one amazing amazing guitar expensive though his was 6000 but he says completely worth it he had/ has a high end taylor and he said it completly put the taylor to shame lol
Over $5000? I'd go Lowden.

I've heard of the name McPherson, but I'm not familiar with the guitars themselves.
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I'm not a fan of Mcpherson myself. I find them rather uncomfortable and I am not fond of their tone. Mcpherson's are not even in the league with Breedlove and the lower end of Larrivee. They are more of the small shop/custom build that is more on the lines of custom builders and small shop builders. If I was recommending a small shop guitar I would definitely recommend Santa Cruz, Goodall, or Huss & Dalton. All of those are absolutely amazing. Santa Cruz to me would be the most similar to Martin but they are lighter and offer more dynamics than any Martin I have ever played. Mcphersons do sound great plugged in but unplugged I am not much of a fan. If you want to spend 6 grand go to Paul Woolson or Tim McKnight and get them to give you a quote for one of their custom guitars. Both luthiers are incredible at what they do.
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i have a story about these guitars i will tell you

ok so my dad and i set out to find him a good guitar because he had finally got the money saved up.[we have like 7 ok guitars already] but anyway so we head down to ed romans guitars with my uncle, and we were in the accoustic room when my dad saw a guitar with a jelly bean shaped sound hole at the top of the face of the guitar .so he picked it up and started to play it, he told us that it was the most amazing guitar he had played that day so he looks at the price it was only 320$ my uncle pat and i were telling him he needs to buy it but my dad thought he would look at a couple more places before he makes his final pick so the next day we go back aafter my dad had researched the guitar that night and found out that it was a couple thousand dollar guitar so when we finnaly get down town the next day the guitar is gone. so he ended up with a martain .

hope you liked my littleish story lol.
Is that actually about these guitars?
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