How do I tune my acoustic?

I've popped the tuner on my knee and played strings, but no matter what I do it never gives me a green light, and randomly switches from the right and left side in red.
1. Pick up the phone
2. Tune the first string first fret to the dial tone
3. Tune other strings as normal
4. Get $100 refund

Kidding Make sure its in meter mode

EDIT here's a demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDSDpoeKLSM
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Slowly turn the knobs on your guitar to make the arrow hit the correct note in its frequency and then it'll turn green. If that doesn't work, switch out the strings for new ones.
^ This.

Try and pluck the string about once every second. An tune UP. So if the red light to the right is on, downtune the string until the red light on the left shows, then tune up to the green light.

Also, make sure you're only playing ONE string at a time.
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If you have electronics then plug it into your tuner(if it allows). I find it to be much more accurate than the mic from the tuners.

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The Korg Pitchblack doesn't have a mic. Its for electric instruments only, you will not be able to tune your acoustic using the Pitchblack unless you plug it in.
There's plenty of online tuners, but it means you have to use your ears. Or tune your electric up and then tune your acoustic to the pitch of each string. Again, you'll have to use your ears.

Or buy a tuner with a mic.
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How can I tune my acoustic then? I've no idea how to get to standard

I like the idea of tuning E to the dial tone - Sounds like you need to visit here - and save a fortune!

Guitar tuning on-line!

Works great for me on any guitar!

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