I have a new amp that I just got from musiciansfriend. Its the Line 6 HD100 HalfStack.

Just recently, it started making some crackling noises on every chanel, even with the master volume at 0. I guess I have done my research and found that this is the power tubes at fault and I'm out of the return policy by 3 weeks. So here are my options...

1) Claim manufacturers warranty, drive about 20 miles north and wait at least 2-3 weeks for it to be fixed. Drive back and get it...

2) Musiciansfriend agreed to send me another head if I pay return shipping, also about 2-3 weeks but return shipping is about 30 bucks.


3) Musiciansfriend agreed to send me a quartet of tubes, and for me to put them in. Now I need to buy a voltmeter to bias it and I have never done that before, but it seems simple enough, im not an idiot.

Thats about it, is it better to start fresh with a new head? Or would it be smarter to just drive a little and get this one fixed. Please help!
Yeah definatly take it back and get a different head, It done you a favor by dieing...
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I like this amp... better yet, i LOVE this amp, it sounds amazing to me. My question it just what to do in this situation, get another head of the same one (thats all that they will allow), or just get this one repaired, spend 30 bucks or not...
Quote by stratdud39
wait couldnt you just get new tubes?

Yes I can! That would be an option, but I don't know how to do that, biasing and what not... Is it worth it, if I get new tubes would it make my amp sound better than normal?
Option 2 sounds best.

Option 1 will cost you a lot in petrol, time, and effort.

Option 3 looks good, but you're gambling that it's definitly a problem with the tubes, and not with the power section itself (or anything else, for that matter).

Option 2 will cost you the return postage, but you should still have all the original packaging, so that will save you some more cost & effort, and the replacement head shouldn't be defective.
I assume you're talking about the Spider Valve? Power tubes don't make crackling like that (in my experience). It's far more likely to be a bad preamp tube or a dirty pot. I would take it in and have it examined by a tech before you do anything. Both are an easy fix.
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