Iv been thinking about this question a lot recently...

Do you spend more time in the pit or actually playing your instrument?

i think i spend more time i the pit....
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pit, for defo. Really defeats the purpose of this website.
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I'm not that sad...

The Pit
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I spend more time playing my instrument.

You know... because it is fun...
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Strangely enough I actually spend more time on my music than on the pit. A lot of the time when I have spare time like on the bus or train or bumming about at college then I get out my notepad and work on my latest song, chant or toast. If I have one of my binghi drums or my bass with me I will pratice as well... Although less of that on the bus or train.
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hell yes.. and Its pretty annoying that I hardly play guitar at all :s..
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I play with myself while i'm in the pit.

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The Pit. But I usually fiddling around on the guitar at the same time.
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good to see im not the only one who cant get out
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