Sick as f*ck. Good to hear a solo with some melody in for a change, even if some of the note choices were a little cheesy for my taste.
cool intro, it sounds good. i like the solo. love that whammy riff! you should use that beginning whammy part in a verse or a chorus, and repeat it. i really like it. great playing, the lead work is really good. i don't really have any criticisms, it was a well written and played tune. i'm not really a fan of rock guitar instrumental stuff though, but you guys did a good job.

i'd turn it more into a regular pop/rock song with vocals, and use that whammy riff though.

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Loving it! I'm a satriani fan, so I loved that. I like it how you sometimes move like Satriani too =P. Playing wise, perfecto. Really well written, can tell it was thought out. Good Work =).