I redid the vocals for this song and livened up the drums
please do not tell me what i expect to here
i don't give a s**t about any fake comments

ex :

i really like this song, gr8 tone...
Listen to Mine?????????

please tell me what u really think

here's the link

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Loved the song, thats a great tone you have aswell.

No but seriously the guitars sound really good. This isn't my genre so I might be wrong but I think the mix could be improved, the drums are cool but sound way too quiet. Vocals sound good and are in tune but they don't sound like they are being performed enough, there's not enough conviction in the performance; especialy for this style of music. And the double tracking of the vocals sounds a little bit wierd at some points in the song. Overall though sick song, just work on the mix a little bit.

Don't know if I wrote enough haha but if I did and you have the time: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1078036 Thanks
Good guitar. Good bass. Good drums. Vocals, no. It's not that they're bad. They're missing any feeling, any human touch. In a word, passion. Once you've got that, you're set. As the previous poster said, the vocals need to be performed.

EDIT: I also listened to some of you other stuff on your profile. You're a good musician. Man, all you need is vocal passion, and the confidence to do some flourishes and you'll be set.
Jeez, I feel like one of those American Idol judges. But seriously. Nice composition and cover choice (the Offspring and Rise Against are two of my favorite groups )
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