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The SG
30 83%
The car
6 17%
Voters: 36.
Okay ive been playing guitar for bout 8 months and ive been playing on a squire strat. Well two days ago i went to my local guitar store and i see teh most beutiful Gibson SG ive ever seen MOP inlays, gold hard ware, 2 volume and 2 tone controls, cherry red with black pickguard, and at the price of $250. No Dings or Dents the gold isnt even tarnished!!!!! Only problem is if i buy this guitar i wont be able to get a new car so



If it's an actual Gibson, then you should jump on that asap. If it's an Epi then stick with the car. Worst case, you resell it and get a buttload of money and then a nicer car.

edit: when you say 'new' car, does that mean you already have one?
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If it's real then get the guitar definitely, but I'd be very suspicious of a Gibson that cheap.
i personally think sg's look ugly and im in need of a car so if i were in that situation... car
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yeah i agree with justinn904, i think they look kinda ugly personally too. but its personal preference i guess. but i think a car would be of better use, as amazing as guitar is...
If its real Gibson go for it because worse case you can sell it for more, if its fake just give up on the idea and get the car.
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It is a real genuine Gibson SG and yes by new car i mean i already have one
You say a NEW car.so you must already own a car.If its a Gibson SG it might be a fake.Check with the store people, and take a few pics of it and show it to the people on the Gibson Guitar Fourms.They'll definately know.
There's no way they have an actual Gibson for that cheap, but if it is a real Gibson and it's in working order then definitely get it, because for US$250 it's a MASSIVE steal. Even if it's not something you want, you would at least be able to sell it for a lot more than you paid for it, thereby making yourself money. So, long story short, if it's a real, working Gibson, GET IT. If it's just an Epiphone, don't bother. It's not a fantastic price for an Epiphone and you said you need a car anyway, so yea.
What kind of guitar shope would sell an actual Gibson SG for $250. If that is a real Gibson, BUY IT NOW!
I'm a big car guy, but I've even gotta say get the guitar.

How often do you see a REAL Gibson SG for $250?

Besides, if you're that strapped for cash it's going to be hard to get a good car for that money.
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If its real, sell the SG for massive profit and get a better car if you want a new car that bad.
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If it is an actual Gibson SG, then I would go for it. If it's an Epiphone, save up the money for a car.

Still, make sure you play it before you just go in and purchase it.
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$250 for a Gibson SG???

Are you sure about that? Could've been an Epi or something. I have a hard time believing a store would sell a real Gibson at that price.

How well did you check the headstock and the rest of the guitar?
You'll regret not getting a car. Get the car, get a job, then get the guitar.
Even though I hate SG's, too thick of necks, body imbalanced, worse than Les Paul,
$250 is way too good of an offer for anything Gibson.
The price of the car will stay but you rarely get an opportunity for that kind of guitar for a price that low.
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