I dont think ive ever made a thread on here and i rarely ever post in the forums at all. But i just barely uploaded my first song on here. Tell me what you think of it, recording quality and just composition in general. Thanks alot.

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i thought it was great. what do you use to record with/ drum machine?
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yeah i dont really have the patience at this point to record the drums. To much tweaking for my liking, so i use addictive drums. And thanks alot
Self proclaimed prophets are great people...
Damn man, you need some vocals on that! Seriously, it was just great. The synths really added a great layer to the already great guitars. Your tone is really good, and your riffs/solos are also awsome. There is not much for me to say because there is nothing really to complain about. The drums sounded awsome, as well.
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would propably do very well with some vocals.
otherwise it would be awesome video game music.
super smash brothers maybe.
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Awesome, love it from beginning to end. Some very good melody from the synth, one thing that caught me tho, is that the tempo change after the solo. That part is a little weird, like, some dynamic to end the solo part might have the tempo change part stand out more. The guitar is fine, maybe some changes with the rhythm section at that part??