Patient: So Doctor, lately I've been staying home more and more not really caring about the life around me, i honestly don't care about it, all I need is talk to Kensai, report bad threads and post the searchbar jokes.

Doctor: Who/What is Kensai and what are the searchbar jokes?

Patient: It's the culture of the GREAT ULTIMATE GUITAR FORUM in which I'm proudly involved.

Doctor: How often do you go on UG and for what reasons?

Patient: Well, usually the first thing I do is a searchbar joke or two than I report some noobie for spamming and finally I end pm'ing Kensai.

Doctor: Okay....what do you do on this forum?

Patient: Well, basically I discuss in the Pit my daily problems, like when I have an essay I will often ask the pit for some input, or when I'm when the last time I was looking for a job to get that marshall mg, UG suggested me to work at McDonald's which I ended up doing. Btw I'm still working there and I'm really happy, thanks to UG. Also when my dog, Slash, got ran by a car last time i posted a thread about this in the Pit and people were really supportive and stuff....

Patient: Honestly I don't need parents, the Pit is here to do everything for me

Doctor: Okay...*facepalm*
I loled, but then started crying violently.
Tonight, we stagger out from the basement...

I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

...Or fall to our deaths from above