I've been trying to learn how to improvise and I've been learning the pentatonic scales and stuff. I'm wondering when I'm trying to play the rythm over a pentatonic scale should I play the I IV V chords are the chords that are in the scale? Such as in a G Major Penatonic scale would have G A B D E. I'm looking at The Raconteurs Salute Your Solution and that's what they do. When should I play I IV V and when should I play the chords that are in the pentatonic scale? I know this is a noob question and if it doesn't make sense sorry.
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Pentatonic is just using a scale that seems to be more used in rock music. it just cuts notes out of the major/minor scale.

a I IV V progression follows the key your in. You aren't ever in a pentatonic key, you can just play in a pentatonic scale.

So G major's I diatonic modes

I: G Major
ii: A minor
iii: B minor
IV: C Major
V: D Major
vi: E minor
vii-: F# diminished

so the I IV V progression would be
G Maj - C Maj - D maj-
and you can solo in the G Major pentatonic over this progression.
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