Went through the Ultimate ValveKing thread Mk II and couldn't quite necessarily find what I was looking for.

Basically what I want, keeping in mind that I'm a speaker n00b, is a versatile speaker that can get cleans and pretty good gain that's American or modern voiced(what's that specifically mean anyway?).

I've considered the Eminence Man O War, but since it's British voiced so I don't know if I'd like the tone or not.

If there's another thread that can help me or if this is too vague, let me know. Budget isn't exactly an issue at the moment. I'll be concerned with that as soon as I get some suggestions.
there's a guy on here, i don't know his exact username it's something along the line of necrophagist with a couple numbers, he has a valveking with an eminence man o war in it, and he has clips on his profile if you wanna listen to them. i'll see if i can find his actual username.

edit: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/member.php?u=1008236
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