I want to achieve heavy Modern Metal distortion by using a pedal & my amp

I have an ENGL 50 screamer (the high distortion channel is not powerful enough) - using a MESA 2x12 cab.

I am thinking of using a Blackstar HT Overdrive pedal or something else..??

I need suggestions on how to get a great modern metal distortion by utilizing
my amps crunch & a pedal to work well together, usually the results are crap, too much
Be more specific - what band(s)' tone are you trying to emulate? "Modern metal" is a very broad genre with several different tones.
your amps distortion seems fine maybe you need to crank it more, but ive been asking around about the modern tone and im set on getting an mxr 10 band eq pedal
tube screamer or fulltone ocd to add a bit of gain and a bunch of push into your amp to get enough distortion and then just play with your eq's to get a good tone

or get a eq pedal and up the output quite a bit and don't pull anything under normal level ie. mids normal level, good bass, plenty of highs and a lot of resonance and presence, basically a V shape that doesn't go under
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