yes i know, seems to be a common problem with the epi's. and this thread isn't meant to bring a debate on the problem or which guitars are better for whatever reason.

i recently had my guitar strap slip off (yes i will be buying strap locks from now on) and it smashed head first into concrete and the result disgusted me. this was my first guitar and has much sentimental value to it and yes i have contacted a luthier about it, but i live in a place where there isn't a luthier for at least 500 miles, so i'm waiting for a reply from him about it. i know that a simple headstock snappage can be fixxed probably quite easily by him for whatever price, but my concern is that there is a crack running up the backside in line with all three pegs that maybe, probably, cant be fixed without replacing the whole headstock. my question is this - has anyone had this problem and was anybody able to repair this type of break without replacing the headstock? pics below. thanks.
It looks pretty serious to me. Sorry to say it dude but it looks like it might take quite a bit of work to get it back in shape.
yeah its not just a finish crack... the pegs are all kind of loose. thats what i was fearing.
DIBS......I called Dibs its my guitar now.

Edit: If you are comfortable with you skills you can do it yourself. The Peg crack is probly your worst enemy on this one.
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well i've had some woodworking experience in general, but i've definitely never done anything on a guitar. i also have no supplies and would like it done right if it can be done. would anyone say that a skilled luthier should probably be able to fix the peg crack? or is going to be iffy either way?
I believe the crack through the tuner holes can be repaired just fine... Just finish the break (scary stuff) or at least enough to open a gap that's large enough so you can get a good amount of Titebond in there... Then close it and clamp it up.
pikka bird... is there anyway to get a finish back on the head after the point of finishing the break without sanding the whole headstock? i cann see that the crack is going to have to be be broken through to get any glue to, which i can probably do myself. but i doubt i can do it without leaving a noticeable crack through it... which is probably the price i'll pay...
Maybe the crack will close itself again after gluing and clamping so it'll just be a hairline fracture, which I don't think matters at all... Call it a battle scar if you want. Failing that, you'll have to sand the area down and do a touch-up finishing job. This isn't really such a horribly daunting task since it's black...
i guess thats true... damaged guitars do have their own look i suppose. playability is the only thing that im concerned about, and i think you're right - it will probably just be a hairline fracture but its only on the back of the head... so far... and if i really wanted to it proabably wouldnt be too tough to touch up liek you said because it is black. thanks though for the help