This is a old song that I didn't really think was that great, but here it is anyway.

Here it is............. tell me what you think.

At 4:00 in the morning I'm woken up
It's not my alarm clock, it's the fire alarm
Trying to get out, struggling with my shirt
Trying to run away, Stumbling down the stairs

I can't handle this
I can't take it anymore
I've had enough, And
I'm not going to let it happen again
Nothings stopping me, nothing getting in my way

The world's on fire , and I'm about to burn
I've got to get away, somehow
Somewhere sometime I will see the light of day again
Nothing will keep me from reaching that point

Why is this Happening?
What did I do?
How did it get this far?
Will this ever end?

I will escape from this destiny
I'm gonna turn this fate around
It has taken a part of me
A part I wish I never found
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.