Well i'm just thinking in advance about my next amp. I'm planning on it being a tube amp, but i doubt i'll get it anytime soon. However, i figure i should start getting some ideas now.

It'll be a high-gain amp, or at least one that can handle a distortion pedal well.

The thing is, i really like that organic, thick, heavy tone. Stuff like Dream Theater's Train of Thought album.

However, i also like that tight, punchy, almost-SS sound that some newer bands get.

What amps are there that can get both of these very well?

For a budget i'd like to keep it around $1000-15000, preferably under $2000. I am open to suggestions for looking used.
1. Mesa Mark IV
2. EVH 5150III
3. ENGL Screamer
4. Mesa Roadster
5. Mesa Roadking
6. ENGL Blackmore
7. Mesa Mark III
8. ENGL Sovereign
9. Framus Cobra
10. Splawn Nitro
11. Splawn Quick Rod
12. Framus Dragon
13. Cornford Hell Cat
14. Bad Cat amps
15. Peavey 3120
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