Well this may not be the right thread but i want to make more to my music then just just regular rock band instruments. So i've been thinking is the transition from guitar to violin a hard or an easy adjustment because i know the neck on a violin is fretless and it has 4 strings but is it really that different?
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For the fretting hand, the finger and strength dexterity will help when transferred over to the violin. You'll be an advantaged beginner, but a beginner nonetheless. Good luck, though. It's always nice to see a deviation from Green Day worship or "symphonic death metal" on here.
Well I haven't transitioned from guitar to violin, but I know that playing any instrument can only help with another. Let me know how it goes for you- I'm looking to pick up violin as well. It's such a beautiful instrument. I'm glad to here someone else is interested in it too.
completely different styles - learning how to use a bow. your 'fretting' hand will be great though. you'll still be a beginner.

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It depends on what kind of player? Do you take the rocker or classical approach to your practicing and playing?
Violin is NOT an easy instrument. As TCmike said, your finger strength and dexterity will carry over, but it's still a new instrument you have to bow instead of pick, and you hold in a new manner. I'd recommend you get lessons. I'm taking some and they help loads.
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Actually, I did the same transition when I played in my school orchestra. As previously said, the dexterity will REALLY help. The only thing really different will be the bowing. But good luck!
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i play guitar, bass,drums, piano ... i m getting trombone very soon ... i hope that i will not waste my money for nothing :P
I actually did it the other way round, I started off on violin then started guitar and bass aswell later.

To be honest, the advantages of being a guitarist will exist but they really won't be that great.

The fact that you're already a musician should help you in things like getting notes in tune, for which you need a good ear, and playing in time but this all depends all on how good you are at those things on guitar (personally, I know tons of guitarists who aren't great musicians).

The fact that you have already built up some finger dexterity and strength will help but perhaps not as much as you would have thought, which is because you are aplying your fingers in different positions and therefore in different ways.

The lack of frets is very challenging because you will have to be concentrating on playing on tune all the time because even a little off can sound bad (sometimes worse than a lot off). On guitar you have this massive space to put your fingers to get the same pitch but on violin a small change in your finger placement will result in a change in pitch. Also, as someone else mentioned you will have to learn how to bow.

To answer your question directly, guitar and violin are very different. Remember when you started guitar? You will essentially be back there when you start violin, except that you'll probably sound a lot worse than when you started guitar.

Sorry to be so negative, I just wouldn't want you to think that you're going to be able to pick up violin and just play it.

However, id you really want to play violin then I'd say go for it. Although the violin is a very difficult instrument, the rewards once you can play it are great and the feeling of playing a really beautiful passage on violin is, imo, hard to match on guitar. Also, please don't stop lessons a few years in when you feel you can play a few tunes well like some people because you will miss out on the joys that playing the violin to a high level can bring.