hey i asked some friends to post over.

good luck

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I was looking to upgrade my current guitar(Epiphone Special SG model)
to an Ibanez SAS32EX http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/country/frame_canada.html

I was just wondering if the Sat II pro was easy and sturdy enough to stay in tune?

Im just looking for a guitar between $500-$100, I usually just play rock and metal.

They're ok. Its sorta like, Sat Pro > Sat Pro II but not like Edge Pro > Edge pro II. I'd bet my money on this than EdgeProII. You can still go both ways with this trem but for superior stability, i recommend you tighten the spring so that the bridge only goes 1 way. Locking tuners helps too.
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I had a bandmate who had one, he said that it was a great tremolo, but over the years it wore out. So if you're looking for a trem to last a really long time i.e longer than 5 years then I reckon you're out of luck.