is it just me or is the plot from eragon completly taken from star wars?
like when eragon's uncle was killed by the shade he ran away with Brom and when Luke's uncle was killed by stormtrooper he ran away with obi won.
then theres also the part where theres a empire that their fighting against controled by some super old guy. Also it seems that luke is the last jedi while Eragon is the last dragon rider. Then theres the part where Brom dies somehow and then obi won dies at the deathstar. Also the part where luke gets trained by yoda but doesnt finsih his training and leaves promising to return while ergaon does the exact same thing with the guy with the golden dragon.... someone should sue the guy
I don't let this kind of stuff bother the experience i get from reading the novels. Goodbye.
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Never read it. Watched the movie. It sucked so hard.
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It's not exactly an uncommon plot, you can probably find it quite frequently in film and literature, even prior to 1977
I think the title of this thread should be "Common archetypes = Common archetypes"

because that's just what they are.

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Is it just me or did family guy rip off Star Wars with Blue Harvest??

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Who cares? Eragon is a terrible terrible book and a terrible terrible series
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also, they're both fighting their fathers...
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I only got to see the last half of that movie, and I'm glad that's all I had to see.
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also, they're both fighting their fathers...


Brom was Eragon's father....
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Never read it. Watched the movie. It sucked so hard.

Supposedly they weren't satisfied with the movie so they're remaking it...lulz.
The movie was massive heart stopping fail, the book was great. The plot from star wars is similar to many history lessons. It has a lot in common with napolean and other **** like that. Its terrible that whoever made that movie wrecked a good book.
::type i'm here to stir the $h!t

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also, they're both fighting their fathers...

sorry for double post, but eragon is not fighting his father.
::type i'm here to stir the $h!t

^Oh god...

OT, how have you not noticed this?
It also steals from LOTR.
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Thank you captain obvious
suppose the next thing you'll say is that narnia is an allegory for christianity
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Ive noticed it. Its not just generalizations,like the hero journey. Its a straight rip.
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Is it just me, or am I the only person who doesn't like Star Wars?
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Brom was Eragon's father....

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is it just me, or was the plot in star wars based off of old samurai and cowboy movies?

Not just you, unless you're being sarcastic it's a pretty well known fact.
doesn't make Star Wars any less f*cking amazing.
The books were good, the movie was horrible.
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I hate whoever directed the movie.

He totally screwed EVERYTHING up, like WTF was with the flying shadow thingy at the end!?!
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that wasnt scary daryldom, it turned me on

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From film critic Eric D. Snider:

A petulant young man without parents lives with his uncle on a remote farm. The boy finds an object belonging to the imperial ruler, and the ruler sends soldiers to the farm to retrieve it, killing the uncle in the process. The boy then meets with an old man whom the locals consider crazy, and he explains the boy's destiny, training him in the ways of an ancient art that is no longer practiced but which was once a powerful means of keeping peace in the world. The old man himself was once a practitioner, and in fact so was the imperial ruler; they were friends, even. But the ruler suffered a great personal loss and turned to the dark side, becoming evil and standing by as nearly everyone who practiced the art was killed. It is now up to the young man to be trained in these ways so he can do battle with the imperial ruler and defeat his evil empire.

You will note that the above paragraph doubles, word for word, as a description of "Star Wars." If it doesn't remind you of "Star Wars" in every particular, then the only possible conclusion is that you have never seen "Star Wars."

Lots of book and film critics have pointed out the similarities. I liked the first two books the first time I read them, but when I tried to reread the second in order to catch up for the third, I decided twenty pages in that I couldn't finish it.
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