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My friend and I are working on a film, and we are each taking our hand at finding a couple of songs that we find fit the mood of insanity that will be taking out throughout the movie

right now I have a couple songs from Via Audio because their lyrics and music composition is absolutely genius
namely Modern Day Saint and Enunciation

I've also thrown a Pink Floyd song on there or two

so if you guys have any awesome ideas for music that depicts insanity, please feel free to post
I'm looking for more independent music, but any suggestions are welcome!
if you could post a link as well, that would be super helpful

thanks in advance!
slippi - animal collective

ohhhh man check out dan deacon. anything by him. his music is awesome and full of insanity.
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homicidal retribution by dying fetus
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Battery for like a fight scene or car chase. That would be epic imo.
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nearly anything by primus
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roboturner, btbam.
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korn-make me bad
korn-dead bodies everywhere
mushroomhead-sun doesn't rise
mushroomhead-solitare unraveling
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the new guitarist for the band wilco did a cover of john coltraine's album interstellar space (just drums and saxaphone). nels kline and gregg bendian - interstellar space revisited. thats the album just electric guitar and percussion

edit: o and check out the sonng becky by the benevento-russo duo
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Akira Yamaoka

i like the music, not so much the singing
but this is more what i am looking for

thank you

keep the ideas comin guys!
Anything by Aphex Twin

Colorblind- Counting Crows: (Or the btbam cover, which I think is better)

Anything from the Akira soundtrack, like:

Boris- Melvins:

And I'd imagine some Voivod songs could set an insane-sounding atmosphere, too.
I used Mote by Sonic Youth one time for a video on war, it sounded insane but the last 3/4 of the song is pure feedback and noise.
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Sister Ray by the Velvet Underground.

17 minutes of insanity.
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Dream Theater - Six Degrees of inner turbulence. the whole album is about insanity

The SONG (not album) is about 6 different mental illnesses, none of which are insanity.
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Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt - The Mars Volta

the ending lyrics "WHO BROUGHT ME HERE?!" give me chills every time
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Jerry Was A Race Car Driver by Primus is what I imagine a nervous breakdown would be like if it were a song.

Also possibly Delirium Trigger by Coheed and Cambria
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check out my song "01000101" in my profile. when i wrote the song, i literally wrote it as a soundtrack of someone going insane. i won't explain it step by step but it's for a concept album i'm working on. you can use part of it if it fits.
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Strapping Young Lad (anything)
Morbid Saint - Lock Up Your Children
Anthrax - Caught In A Mosh
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Dawn (starts calm, but by the end...woah)
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Forever, The Lotus Eaters, the Death Of Passion, I Am The Dog, Cenotaph, (most of the Dreaming Neon Black album) and the "the children, sitting in the trees" section of This Godless Endeavour, all by Nevermore. Warrel Dane is amazing at sounding completely out of his fucking head.

EDIT: Also, Shitstorm, We Ride, and the end of Two weeks, by Strapping Young Lad.
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