(preferably Calvert County), I need a singer/guitarist. I play ok lead guitar but awesome rythm so lead would be better. Anyway, I can't find anyone at school who can sing our music. We're a thrash/old skool metal band who sometimes does covers. So if your in Calvert County and can sing like KEA James Hetfeild, PM me, or comment.
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Hey man, name's Patrick. I live on Fort Belvoir in NoVA (i'm only about 50 miles from Calvert County). I'm a tad older than you (23), but would love to get together and jam just to see how things mesh. Shoot me a message if you're interested man. Oh yeah, he he, silly me. I'm a rhythm/lead guitarist myself and dabble in the universe of vocals.
Hey what's up. My name is Miguel. I live near Annapolis. I play lead guitar and I'm a decent singer. I'm 19 years old. I'm into Metallice, john 5, System of a down, Pual Gilbert, and Yngwie Malmsteem. E-mail me if your interested. I can't find anyone to jam with and i have hours of original material.
MIke Williams from clinton(prince goerges county) play guitar boutta start drivin round the summer time. if u got the patience i can work witchu