I was just wondering cause i've got rather bored of mine and wanted to spice up my name.
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Pretty much? Is there something I don't know?

it is permanent
unless there are special conditions (odd characters that make it so you can't log in/get messages/etc), no. I did see that special condition happen once. His name was Øttər, now it's Albino_Rhino.
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Hey Sgplayer08...Im still waiting to hear from OSU...Its Been 10+ weeks and On The Website, It Says Its Still In Evaluation Stage...
Usernames here are pemanent. The reason being is that if usernames were changed it would be hard to keep track of who is who. And also, it interferes with the bridging of the software between the forums and the profiles, and leaves heaps of dead links.

Like oneblackened said, exceptions are made if there are special circumstances, ie. you have a username that makes it difficut for you to log in, if it gives your personal details, or you're a mod (Carmel )
^ That. As well, we generally don't change them because if one person asks for it, then we'd have to do it for everyone else or else it wouldn't be fair. Lots of people want to change their usernames, so it's way too much work. Usernames are only changed if there are special circumstances.
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Actually, now we CAN change the usernames, but it must be a good reaqson for it. If you have one, PM somebody with red name.
^ true but by a "good reason" we mean a good one. don't waste the admins' time with silly requests. they are busy people.
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Basically, it's permanent so you should try picking something great at the start.