So, I've been searching around for a new guitar since I think it's time to step it up. I've recently had my eyes on these two and am having a hard time choosing what to get. I play a lot of progressive metal/rock. Just looking for something no more than $700, and something that will have a good tone, can withstand some pretty harsh playing sessions, and good for gigs.

If any of you here could help me decide, or recommend me something, that'd be great. I'm just an intermediate player looking for a nice upgrade. More of a lead player.

Jackson DKMG spec:
* Alder body with Carved Top and Flame Maple Veneer
* Bolt-On Rock Maple with Scarf Joint Head Stock
* EMG 81 and 85 pickups
* Bound rosewood compound-radius fingerboard
* 24 fret/25.5" scale
* Neck Dimensions - 1st Fret: .735", 12th Fret: .810"
* Floyd Rose Licensed Low Profile JT580LP double locking 2-point tremolo
* Reverse Jackson 6-In-Line Pointed Headstock,
* Compound (14" to 16") Fingerboard Radius,
* MOTO Piranha Tooth Position Inlays,
* Ivoroid Binding on Neck and Headstock
* $650

Ibanez RGR420EX spec:
* 3-piece Wizard II neck
* Sharktooth inlay
* Reverse headstock
* IBZ, V7, and V8 pickups
* Edge III tremolo bridge
* Gotoh tuners
* $600
Go with the jackson. Their liscensed floyd is a lot better than the edge 3, and the EMGs are obviously better than Ibanez pickups. Plus, the reverse Jackson headstock is the seks.

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Well, the Ibanez has a better neck, but the Jackson's trem is probably better than the Edge III. The pickups in the Jackson are also better than the stock IBZ.

Normally I'd say Ibanez, but out of those two, the Jackson sounds better to me.
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jackson all the way!
yeah i had a dkmg for a short while but the tremolo broke and i was forced to return it and i coudnt exchange it because it was a b stock sale item! but yeah thoughs things pack a punch! definetly great for rock/metal. i played it out of an old crate amp on a clean setting then hooked up my boss ds-1 and out came one of the best metal sounds i head! these things sound great and great for the money! if you can find one on sale or even used like i did buy one, jst make sure you can take care of that floyd rose its pretty annoying to mentain!
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oh yeah. the jacksons have great necks and the backwards headstock is sick!
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The neck's great, the trem is by far the best LFR I have ever played and it's got great pickups as well. Plus it comes in some damn sexy finishes, I was having wet dreams about the trans black one for ages
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Awesome. Thanks to everyone that responded. Looks like I'm getting the Jackson.
Good choice! Also, because of the scarf heel joint, the Jackson might also have better upper fret access than the Ibanez.

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Similar thread for these two guitars started yesterday 2nd March, plus it probably should be in the Electric Guitar section.

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