So, I've been playing guitar for a while, and I'm the rhythm guitarist for our band, and our current singer who is a girl, well she's very shy, and she will only sing in front of us, and has a large amount of stage fright. So i figured if worse came to worse, I'd learn to sing while she sort of got her wings, either way I can't lose since, if I do learn to sing, and she quits I'll be the singer, and if she stays, I'll know how to write and sing my own songs. So here's where my questions come from.

1.) How do I know if I can sing or not?Can all people sing it's just what genre we needa learn to sing or something like that?

2.) HOW do I learn to sing? Just try to sing the songs I know, or should I get books/lessons?If I get lessons it'd be about 100 bucks and I'd have to quit my current guitar lessons.

If this is the wrong forum or hell even the wrong site, if you could suggest where I could go to find the right place I'd love to hear it.

Thank you
It's not hard. Just sing along to your favorite songs. Mix up the artists and try to match the different tonalities and style. Remember to always use your diaphragm. Some good practice is to use a keyboard and sing along with scale notes while striving to stay in pitch while both ascending and descending. This will help your muscle memory to learn what the right note feels like.

The hardest part in my opinion is learning to be comfortable with your own voice. Hope I helped a little.
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This IS in the wrong forum, I'm not actually sure where singing stuff goes... maybe the person who closes this can tell you.
If I can though I'll just tell you what I've learned quickly;
Record yourself as much as possible and listen to it back. You will sound a LOT different than what you think. Sing songs that aren't out of your range, but stretch you on maybe a note or two. You'll soon notice that with practice you can reach them. Pick songs that aren't hard to start off with, just so you can get the basics down. I don't know anything about the whole diaphragm thing, so you might have to research or watch vids/read books for that.

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There IS a singing thread, just search for it if this gets closed (which it might).


There's two aspects of sings (there's actually a lot more, but two now)

Pitch and timbre.
Pitch is being able to hit the notes. This is muscle thing, and an ear thing. You gotta practice, and the more you practice, the better you get.

Timbre is the way your throat, mouth, sinuses, tongue, etc all work to produce the sound you make. If you have a "bad" timbre (if you don't like the way your voice sounds) there's not a whole lot you can do. Some things you can work on (pronunciation) but others not really. I feel I have a really nasally voice, but I can't really do anything about it except try and hide it with the way I sing. If you don't like your voice right away, its cuz the timbre of your voice is different than what you hear, because its been amplified differently by the bones in your skull.

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You can change your tone. If your voice is sounding nasally it isnt because of your body, its because you arent controlling the breathe properly. Anyone can learn to sing well, it just takes practice and a good teacher. The way you sing in will change in different styles of music. Example, when I sing choral music I sound nothing like when I sing jazz or pop or rock. Work on being able to sing on pitch first.