Ok Im 16 going to school and also looking for a job at the moment I've been playing guitar for 2 1/2 years and i play about 6-8 hrs a day, When Im old enough and good enough I want to go to MI (musicians Institute) but I need to know how Im gonna get good practice in, and it wont be easy, I go to school so i can go to MI because i think you have to finish school to get in(not sure though) and I need a job so i can pay for the learning fee's and living costs while Im over there, and then i need to practice guitar for a good few hours to be able to make it into MI
going to school takes up 7 hours a day and then a part time job takes up more..
How am i gonna get good practice? there is just to many things i have to do in one day
I'd recommend waking up earlier and practicing before school.

I've found practicing before going to my classes to be very successful and have thought up some good tunes in that time.
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Mr. Table Salt does make a point. They say you learn better earlier in the morning, which explains why i sleep in and why i am stupid. Altough if your school has a music program that might be a good way to get atleast some playing in.
Yeah i already get up up at 5:30 in the morning to practice and i only just make 8 hours on a day that I have a music program.
I'm kinda in the same boat as you are (I'm going to MI in the fall). Really all you can do is practice as much as possible and make guitar your #1 priorty. Don't think that you need to be some insanely good player to get into MI though, they will probably accept you (especially if you're playing 6-8 hours a day right now). I mean the application asks you to do this...
-play 2 scales
-play a rhythm groove
-and play 2-3 songs
...thats not too hard

On the web site they also give a somewhat detailed description of all the classes you will take in which ever program you are going into. I make sure to spend time everyday on the things they will be teaching, so that I'm as prepard as possible.
Lol, if you continue playing 8 hours a day, you should have no problem getting into any music program. You could probably practice 2 hours a day and do just fine if you have a good regimen. Good job practicing as much as you do, keep it up and you'll do fine.