This thread is mainly aimed at people who have a rh g3 series but any other help would be appreciated also

on my amp the gain is pretty high. though i dont like the type of metal gain it is. its more of a thrash sorta sound excpet more muddy i guess. is there a way i can get more of a hardcore sound like parkway drive or a metal sound like in flames or divine heresy? thanks
An EQ will help you contour your sound, seems like that's what your looking for. People seem to like MXR's models.
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would it help me be able to hear myself at band prac more? i used my metal core last time and i couldnt hear myself over the other guitarist no matter what my volume was on. can it change my sound that much? froma muddy thrashy kinda sound to a hardcore/metal kinda sound?
my other guitarist has got a maxwatt hiwatt combo + quadbox and a metal zone (normally not much of a fan) but hes got a really killer sound and can hear it so easily. its quite trebly but not TOO trebly and heaps of gain :\ gunna be hard to match