Hey everyone, this is my first time here and my first sort of full (not just a riff) recorded song that I have recorded. The drum track is something really basic that I don't intend on keeping, but otherwise, tell me what you think of it. It's not really complete yet, but it's the first part of the idea process.

The link is in my profile, so check it out if you have the time and tell me what you think

Edit: Here is a quick link: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/AbsoluteBrick/
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The intro was nice, as was the melody at the end, reminded me of Before The Bough Breaks by Mortal Sin, which is a good thing. The riff in the middle wasn't my thing, I'm a bit of a thrashaholic but I guess it would sound better in a full band. In a couple places the timing seemed a little off unless that was intended. Nice job
Thanks. The middle riff was sort of a temporary thing and I'm asking the band if I should keep it or change it up. It was a quick, last minute type of riff. That's why it's fairly simple. The timing being off might have something to do with intro riff having a weird time signature, or it might be my lack of metronome practice.
too much gain, or trying panning guitars left and right, drums sound awful, get a copy of beatcraft. check your timing aswell on them chord changes.
Yeah, I think I'm going to do a re-recording of it soon because I have changed some things about it. The drumming doesn't suit the song really well, so I can see why you said that. I'll have to check out beatcraft, then.