I was curious if you guys could recomend a weird sounding bass/guitar effects pedal for my bass. Preferably not a uber costly multi effects pedal. I really kind of want a bubbly twangy synth sound so if you guys know of any let me know. thanks
Do you have any examples in mind? I'd say a chorus and a fuzz would suit you nicely. Maybe a wah as well. What's your budget?
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Look at a ring modulator or a bitcrusher.
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boss phase shifter is fairly inexpensive.
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You are most likely thinking of a phaser or chorus.


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k thanks. I was thinking of the boss phaser but I've never played it personally. Unfortunately my budget is <200. thanks guys
roto-vibe of some sort? voodoo lab makes a descent one that's not too expensive
underwater = wah as a filter, or a rotary speaker simulator.


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Digitech Synthwah.
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Wah, Flanger, or Chorus, or rotary speaker.
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boss phase shifter is fairly inexpensive.

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Yeah, a phase or a flanger will do what you're looking for

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thanks. i realy liked the digitech synthwah and closely followed by the boss phaser.
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thanks. i realy liked the digitech synthwah and closely followed by the boss phaser.

I own the Boss Phaser.

I was debating over that and the Phase 90, but the Boss won out because it has a really chewy phase tone, like a wah

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?