Hi guys

I'm looking for a midi controller to control my rack setup. I'm looking for something on the high end of things, I've seen the Gordius, liquidfoot, skystrup (spelling is wrong), and thought they were all good, but was wondering if anyone on here knows of any other high end midi controllers. Note: I'm not really interested in rocktron or CAE or voodoo labs stuff.

The Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro is certainly built like a tank, but is very limited when compared to the other stuff you've listed (for instance it can only control 8 channels whereas virtually everything else can control all 16).

The biggest problem I've had with controllers like the CAE RS-10 and the Axess FX-1 is that all the instant access switches are set globally. If you set IA switch #6 to switch on/off a chorus effect in a processor, then that's exactly what it'll do...regardless of what preset you're using. That's the strong point of the Rocktron, while the All Access can't send the volume of data that some of the other high end controllers can, it can set up the IA switches per preset. Switch #6 may operate the chorus on preset 3, but it can be set up as a tap tempo on preset 10, a tuner mute on preset 55, and a channel selector on preset 114.

It's all a preference issue really, I have the All Access and will probably never get rid of it...even though I'm not using a Midi rig right now.
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