I just bought the M-Audio Fast Track Pro Mobile today and I've installed everything, but it's not working with the Pro Tools m-powered demo that came with it.

I'm using a Windows Vista Home Premium, 2 GB, 1.8 GHz, Intel Pentium Dual Core, laptop. And I've tried everything I can think of.

Please help! The one time I've ever needed serious help in this forum, people have yet to help me. I've even tried protoolsusers.org, but they don't know what to do either. Right now, I can't get to a phone to call Customer Service. This whole experience has been ruined because of this stupid software.
well the simple advice for u, and i am considered very um "talented" on computers... but my advice is to grab a shot gun and shoot the piece of crap and never buy a PC with vista in it again...

Ok, here is my other advice... try different compatibility setting (right click on the EXE then goto properties and search for the compatibility settings in there) usually that will work... but over all i know the shotgun advice does work very well.
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