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Fender Am. Standard Stratocaster HSS with S-1 switch
3 60%
Fender Am. Standard Stratocaster
1 20%
Fender Am. Standard Telecaster
0 0%
Gibson Les Paul
1 20%
Voters: 5.
Hi, I just got an Fender Am. Standard (fat) strat hss with an S-1 switch, i have a Line6 SpiderIII 15 amp and a vox cooltron duel overdrive pedal. I just was wondering if anyone could help me get a get tone for Canon Rock (old song by now).
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you spent so much money on an awsome guitar and it is being wasted by buying little 15W piece of poo spider. and isn't the S1 swtiching only on the deluxe?

Well, actually, i bought the amp a while ago. It took 4months to convince my parents to buy the guitar, and i have to pay them back. I think if i had suggested a better amp, they would've friggin blown their tops and stop me reading for 3 months(i'm a nerd). I bought the standard wit the s-1 switch. They were discontinued last year. I saw this guitar in the shop, and apparantly it was the last one left in the country, so yeah.