Ok, so I have been talking about learning how to play guitar for more than a few years now. I finally bought a DOT Cherry in December and have practiced maybe 3 times, 1 hour at a time. I have been using the Justineguitar.com and just get discouraged, not sure if I will ever learn how to play. I know 3 times, wtf, barely enough time to tune the guitar, lol. Guess I need some encouragement, 34 now and not sure how easy I will learn how to play this thing. I don't have an amp, just playing acoustically and really doesn't sound all that great, lol. I think I played more guitar hero than my REAL guitar. Not whining just frustrated with myself.
i dont kow what justineguitar is, but by practicing, do you just mean, you have been learning things like basic theory and chord progressions?

While this is, of coirse, entirely necessary, by doing just that, you wont get particularly far. I aqssume you took up guitar becasue you want to be ablt to play it like the guitarists in the music you listen to do. So learning just theory isnt going to provide you with a whole lot of motivation at the start, becasue you get the impression that you are getting nothing tangible from your efforts.

I would suggest maybe the next time you pick up the guitar, spend a half hour learning from justinguitar, and then spend the next half hour looking up tabs for easy acoustic songs that you like and try learning them. It should give that bit more motivation to keep going.

Oh and in future, this is the new members Q&A forum. Its here for new members to introduce themselves, and also for members to ask about the running of the site. I would suggest you go to the Guitar and Bass Basics Forum and ask for some more advice there!